Projects at the University (of California Santa Barbara)

Papers and Drafts

Versor: Spatial Computing with Conformal Geometric Algebra
Organic Forms Through Twists and Boosts
Imaginary Informations
The Satellite Fetish
Genealogies of Space
By The Way (of Randomness)

Fall Quarter 2007 University of California Santa Barbara

Center for Information Technology and Society

Instructors: Various

Information Operations Theory

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A Preliminary Overview of War in the Information Domain

201B - Programming with Media Data

Instructor: Professor Stephen Pope


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A Verlet-Integrated Constraint-Based Fabric Simulator
-> A Basic Vector3f Class (for Cross, Scalar, Addition, Subtraction)
-> A ParticleSystem Class with Vertex Pinning
-> Multi-threading of Audio and OpenGL

233 - Multimedia Programming

Instructor: Professor Eric Newman


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3D Object Deformer
-> An .obj file importer
-> Move, rotate, Apply Textures to objects.
-> A Vertice Jiggler, Deflater, Inflater
-> General Vibration . . .