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511 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123


Harvard University (Fall 1996 - June 2000, Cambridge, MA) BA in Visual and
Environmental Studies received in June 2000, Magna Cum Laude with Honors. Mellon
Fellow 1998-2000; Detur Book Award 1997.

Awards and Residencies

Pew Fellowship in the Arts 2005/2006;
Experimental Television Center: Artist in Residence, October, 2004;
Atlantic Center for the Arts: Associate Residency for Writing, with Dave Hickey, 2003;
48 Hour Film Contest: Best of Philly 2002;

Teaching Experience

Moore College of Art (Spring 2007, Philadelphia, PA) Adjunct Professor of Web Media
for budding Digital Arts track at Moore Ė students invent an internet-based art form.

Temple University (Spring 2002 - Spring 2004, Philadelphia, PA) Adjunct Professor:
Intermediate level courses on the theory and practice of non-linear video editing in the
department of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media and the department of
Film and Media Arts.

Scribe Video Center (Winter 2001 - Summer 2005, Philadelphia, PA) Editor, Instructor,
and Post-Production Line Producer for documentary film organization promoting the use of
video as a tool for social change. Courses: After Effects in Production, Intro to Non-Linear
Editing. Courses taught in Spanish and English, to ages 16-60.

Production Experience

Lincoln Center ("My Life as a Fairy Tale", July, 2005, Director: Chen Shi-Zheng,
Composer: Stephin Meritt, Producer: Lincoln Center Festival) 3D graphics specialist

New York Public Theatre ("50th Anniversary", December, 2005) Motion Graphics
Designer for 40 foot LED backdrop.

Japan Society ("Dogugaeshi", November, 2004, New York City, Director: Basil Twist,
Producer: Tandem Otter) Co-Projection Designer with Peter Flaherty for innovative puppet

The Builders Association (June, 2005, "Alladeen") Video Operator and Projection
Technician for live-video and graphics theatrical piece.

American Repertory Theatre ("Valparaiso", Winter, 1998/9, Cambridge, MA) Video
Artist for the A.R.T.ís world-premiere production of a Don DeLillo play.

The Fabric Workshop and Museum (Winter 2001-2003, Philadelphia, PA) Effects
Editing, Videography, and NLE; Production of Gallery video displays and documentaries
about visiting artists.

The Film Study Center (Fall 1997-Summer 1998, Cambridge, MA) Editing for Ross
McElwee, Filmmaker, for his documentary film Tobacco Road.

Letís Go Travel Guides (Summer 1997, Central and Western SPAIN) Researcher-Writer
for Letís Go Spain: Break-neck travel throughout Central and Western Spain, writing for a
shoe-string-budget travel guide.

Work Abroad (December 2000 - June 2001, Glasgow, SCOTLAND)

Gallery Exhibitions

Fleisher-Ollman Gallery (December 2003, "The New Acropolis" Exhibtion)
Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery (January, 2002, window display)
Nexus Foundation (December, 2005, "Benjamin Franklin" Exhibition)
Art Alliance (October, 2006, "Out of Frame" Exhibition)
Institute of Contemporary Arts (January, 2007, "Locally Localized Gravity" Exhbition)

Documentary Editing Credits

A is for Anarchist, B is for Brown (1 hr, Louis Massiah, 2002)
Los Trabajadores (20 min, CATA and Scribe Video Center, English and Spanish, 2002)
Precious Places (Title Sequence, 30 sec, Scribe Video Center, 2004);
United Traces (20 min, dir Deborah Arnold, 2003);
Belmont (10 min, dir  Louis Massiah 2003);
Francisville (10 min, dir Louis Massiah 2003);

Selected Art Work

The DUEL (60 min cross-media performance with Peter Flaherty, 2006)
The Execution of Poor Richard (mixed-media video sculpture with Peter Flaherty, 2005)
Easy Baby (10 min HD algorithms 2005);
Dead Nights (10 min HD photo-mechanics, storytelling, 2005);
Weakened Barnacles (10 min videophone footage blown to HD + 3D, 2005); (natural-world website started in 2004, ongoing);
Teleportation (10 min HD 3D pixel video 2005);
Mercury Bush (4 min color video animation of bugs and skeletons, 2004);
Benjamin Franklin +/- .5 (6 min color video animation, Franklin experiments with
analogue techniques, 2004);
Inoperatives (looped video and spinning laser, mixed media scultpure, 2003)
Dome Baby (Window Display Collaboration with five Philadelphia Artists, hay, deer,
photos, drawings, video-train, projections, bone-boat, bone-tree, glass, etc, 2002)
BOAT (15 min 16mm spanish ghost stories, 2000);
Blessings (music, cd, The Wrist and Pistols, 2003);
Apologies (music, 7 inch, The Wrist and Pistols, 2003);
Norteñas (music, cd, collaboration with Lucky Dragons);
Good Luck Fish (3 minute amateur fish movie, 2002);

Computer Programs: Avid, FCP, Flash, After Effects, Blender3D, Photoshop, Illustrator,
Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish; Proficient in French.
Travel: Hiking throughout Argentina, Brazil,
Italy, Spain, Scotland, and U.S.